As with practically everything in life, Animals In Our Lives has gone through a few areas of focus since its beginning. I began Animals In Our Lives in 2014 to serve as a resource to help educate people on the difference between animal rights and animal welfare and to discuss the dangers inherent in the Animal Rights Movement.

It is one of my core beliefs that all animals should be respected and treated humanely. We should do everything we can to help protect animals and ensure they have a positive future. There are countless threats out there to both captive and wild populations, and we should do everything we can to find solutions to these problems. Unlike self proclaimed animal rights activists, though, I recognize that keeping animals in captivity (whether in zoos or as pets) can be a powerful tool for the conservation and protection of all animals.

While I have always been fascinated by all animals, there have certainly been animals that I was less fond of (or even downright disliked). However, one thing that I have noticed is that every time I’ve taken the time to learn about and understand some species that I never cared for, my interest, fascination, and love for that species has grown, and I truly believe that this an underlying principal we must utilize in order to encourage people to care about and protect the natural world. Fear and hatred of animals comes from ignorance and lack of understanding. There is nothing rational in wanting to kill every snake they come across or set fire to every spider they see. By learning to understand and appreciate these animals, people can overcome these prejudices, and what better first step is there to protect an animal than to teach people to not want to needlessly kill them?

This is why I am transitioning this site to its current form. I love photographing animals, and my hope is that through my photography I can share the beauty and the amazing nature of these animals. My goal is to eventually have as comprehensive of a set of photographs as possible, with animals of all types. From the cute and cuddly to the downright creepy, I want to show off how amazing these animals truly are. I hope you are willing to look at these animals with an open mind and try to learn about species that you don’t understand so that we can all care about animals enough to protect them.