male lion with great mane

Looking at Cecil the Lion

Unless you’ve been living in a hole the past week or two, odds are you have heard about the Minnesota dentist that killed Cecil the Lion, a popular favorite who was being tracked and studied in a nature preserve in Zimbabwe. The media, as it occasionally does, has strongly latched onto this story and the reactions have been passionate and far reaching. The story has been picked up by perhaps every major news outlet in the US (for example, on CNN , the New York Times , and Fox News. Jimmy Kimmel made a passionate speech about it on his late night show that has currently received over seven million views on YouTube. What is it that has incited such rage, and is that rage justified?

Eclectis parrot known as Lil E

Going to the Birds

I recently came across this article from the National Audubon Society about a parrot rescue group in Southern California who is rehabilitating and re-releasing injured parrots. The hitch in this plan? There are no parrots that are native to Southern California. All of the birds being released were non-native species that should never have been there in the first place.

Don't worry, I make a connection...

What Happened to Responsibility?

If you have read the other posts I’ve uploaded so far, you will know that I try to go out of my way to be extraordinarily fair. I search out different sides to every topic I write about so that I can discuss the pros and cons in order to arrive at a well-educated conclusion. I try to avoid making emotional reactions and try to keep my own personal biases in check. I want to avoid being inflammatory and confrontational as it puts people on the defensive and blocks any progress from being made.

This post is not quite going to be like that. This time, I’m pointing fingers and not holding back my feelings or opinions. Animals are one of the greatest joys in my life. I love having pets and keeping animals of all kinds. I love learning about and seeing animals, whether in the wild, in preserves, in zoos, or on television. I think animals should be understood and cared about. But people are ruining things. Because they’re being stupid. So this time, I’m breaking my own rules about keeping things even-tempered.

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day

No discussion about animal conservation would be complete without addressing the challenges facing wild populations of animals. I’m not going to get into that too much right now (this post is simply an announcement, but I promise I will get to it!),but the future of many species is threatened by illegal poaching and habitat loss. […]

Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)

Raising “Impossible” Marine Species

When it comes to keeping non-domesticated animals (in this particular case, marine fish), one concern that must be addressed is ensuring sustainable and ecologically friendly methods of acquiring the animals. There is no single correct answer as to how to go about this, but one major factor has to be a focus on captive breeding in order to alleviate pressure on wild populations

Not Marius, but you get the idea...

The Curious Case of Marius the Giraffe

It is very likely that by now you have heard the story that has been going around the internet of Marius the Giraffe. And if you have heard the story, it is most likely that it was written in such a way as to suggest that the entire sequence of events, from the very beginning to the very end, was one travesty after another and that every decision made by the zoo staff was proof of their cruelty and inhumanity. The story you most likely heard was that a zoo in Copenhagen decided it didn’t have room for a male giraffe named Marius so it shot the giraffe, butchered it, and fed it to lions, all in public and in front of kids